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Equity Crowdfunding News, with its blog, Facebook page, Crowd TV and Podcast , offers a series of specialised media channels that, through different formats, allow you to communicate effectively to an extremely targeted audience interested in equity crowdfunding, startup and innovation sectors.

This is why we have created an offer that includes solutions adapted to the needs of promoting your crowdfunding campaign and also if your company provides services in this sector. For further information please contact us by writing to: silvia@scaicomunicazione.com or calling 0971.46611

Banner top Homepage

On the Equity Crowdfunding News blog there is an option to host a sponsor image on the left hand side of the homepage along with all other pages of the site. The logos are all the same size and are linked to the blog pages or links provided by the sponsor. It is possible to purchase the space for a minimum period of 1 month and up to a maximum of 3 months.

Horizontal Banner

Possibility to sponsor individual sections of the site with a 728×146 horizontal banner at the top of the page in all articles of a specific section. This banner is not available on the home page.

Square Banner

These banners can be visible on every page of the site or only in certain specific sections and can be published for a predefined period of time, depending on requirements. Minimum for a period of one month.
Special spaces on the blog

Special spaces
on the blog

Equity Crowdfunding News can produce sponsored content on crowdfunding topics. For example:

  • Editorials: periodic in-depth articles on the business development of startups or SMEs funding rounds or about other venture capitalists (e.g. business angels or investors raised in equity crowdfunding)
  • Video content: publication or production of video interviews with the involvement of guests.
  • Branded content: other graphic or textual formats in specific sections of the website. 

Weekly Podcast

This is a weekly appointment on the dedicated podcast channel. Sponsors can participate and be interviewed and can also indicate the preferred general topics in the sponsored cycle.

Podcast interview

A dedicated podcast with one of our presenters and shared by our channels. 

Social media sponsorship

Using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Telegram, promoted posts and stories with content advised  by the sponsor and validated by the editorial team, campaigns with retargeting audiences and off-page ads, direct one-to-one campaigns on Linkedin audiences with equity crowdfunding interests


Equity Crowdfunding News sends out a weekly newsletter to more than 1000 contacts of potential investors. The community is always growing. It is possible to insert news and space within the newsletter with content agreed with the editorial team.

Please contact us for more information