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Rentbrella: to expand in Europe

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Rentbrella Umbrella Station


Founders of Rentbrella Freddy Marcos, Nathan Janovich & Ary Krivopisk are starting with London and planning to expand to other 10 countries in Europe.

Rentbrella offers its flagship ‘rent an umbrella’ service for FREE

Brazilian startup Rentbrella founded in 2018 with a unique offering of sharing Umbrella’s -wants to open its operations in Europe. The business model is one of the most innovative success stories of the so-called Shared economy.  The concept is based on the goal of reducing waste by minimising the number of Umbrella’s produced and discarded through shared consumption. 

After expanding to cities of the US, the founders Freddy Marcos, Nathan Janovich & Ary Krivopisk are starting in Europe with London and has plans to expand to other 10 countries in the next two years. 

Apart from convenience Rentbrella umbrellas are made from recycled PET bottles which come from China. Once they passed their lifecycle, they are again recycled to make them a completely sustainable product. 

Rentbrella umbrellas are free for their customers for the first 24 hours followed by $2 on successive days and $16 if they want to keep the umbrella with them.  The company generates its revenue from the advertisement printed on their Umbrellas, in Brazil, they are sponsored by insurance group Unimed

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Article source: Reuters