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efounders-the saas startup studio is launching 3founders.

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efounders launches new sub studio


3founders to focus on “web3” startups, such as blockchain-related projects, NFT-enabled startups and crypto-friendly businesses.

A statement on efounders website says -”3founders aims to want to build the fundamental bricks, tools and applications so that companies and teams can fully take advantage of the astounding web3 opportunities ahead of us. We’re currently looking at reinventing the CRM in a native web3 world and we are also exploring developer tools to allow web2 companies to integrate web3 experiences in their products without compromising on the user experience.”

The sub-studio will soon have its own team and its own portfolio of startups. eFounders co-founder Thibaud Elziere will be the interim head of the studio and Salesmachine co-founder Florent Quinti will be the first 3founders employee.

Based in Paris & Brussels efounders– the startup studio comes up with ideas for new startups, teams up with two co-founders and helps with the product-market fit phase in exchange for a stake in the startup. Portfolio companies include AircallSpendesk and Front. Overall, eFounders has launched 33 companies. 

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