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Startup Ansa Bio raises $68M in Series A to propel DNA enabled industries

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Startup Ansa Biotechnologies


Ansa’s next-generation enzymatic DNA synthesis technology will dramatically accelerate innovation across every industry enabled by synthetic DNA

Ansa Biotechnologies today announced it has closed an oversubscribed Series A financing round of $68 million led by Northpond Ventures, with participation from new investors RA Capital, Blue Water Life Science Advisors, Altitude Life Science Ventures, Fiscus Ventures, PEAK6 Strategic Capital, Carbon Silicon Ventures, Codon Capital, and existing investors Mubadala Capital, Humboldt Fund, Fifty Years, and Horizons Ventures. The company has raised a total of $82 million from private financings to date.

Funding will advance next-generation technology platform, expand R&D and manufacturing facilities, grow multidisciplinary team, and launch DNA synthesis service.

Ansa is solving current industry bottlenecks associated with synthesizing complex DNA sequences that are difficult to obtain from existing DNA synthesis providers.

Ansa’s enzyme-based approach will accelerate innovation across almost every industry enabled by synthetic DNA-from biologic therapeutics such as antibodies, gene therapies, and cell therapies, to the biomanufacturing of chemicals, materials, foods, and biofuels, and even to futuristic applications such as DNA-based data storage. The technology also has the potential to unlock new areas of life sciences research that have yet to be explored.

Context of DNA based technology

Synthetic DNA, at its root a tiny storer of information, offers a potential pathway toward significantly reducing the amount of space and material needed for future archival storage needs… DNA can be incredibly durable and can last thousands of years, unlike tape, which needs to be rewritten every 30 years at best.

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